Artists’ house in Busteni, Romania, open to musicians from around the world

Artists’ house in Busteni, Romania, open to musicians from around the world

In Busteni, a small town in the Carpathian Mountains between Bucharest and Brasov, there is a house of artists that violinist Iuliana Münch and pianist and composer André Parfenov have built with as much love as taste and practical sense, as members of the ICMA Jury could see while visiting.

The house is a meeting place for musicians. There is space for master classes, seminars and similar events, and a chamber ensemble can retreat here to work on a new program. « It is a place of joy, inspiration, encounters and relaxation, » say the hosts.

The house has ten guest rooms, a music room with a grand piano, and common rooms with all comforts, including Wi-Fi. The good cuisine in the house is another point to emphasize.

The house is located in a quiet climatic health resort. Busteni is one of the most popular resorts in the Romanian mountains, offering not only a scenic location, but also a wide range of vacation options and activities throughout the year – from skiing to mountain hiking.

So it’s no wonder that events are held here on a regular basis. The next activities are a master class by SONORO Interferente in March and the music residencies with Iuliana Münch in July.

SoNoRo Interferente is the educational program of the SoNoRo International Chamber Music Festival and is aimed at Romanian musicians between the ages of 14 and 30. It was launched with the aim of creating a long-term musical elite and continuing the SoNoRo Festival’s approach of integrating Romania into the top echelons of European musical life.

The first two editions of the Busteni International Music Residencies took place in June and September 2023. In these master classes, young music students with special musical talents were invited to deepen their knowledge and perfect their art of interpretation through encounters with outstanding musicians from Germany and Romania.

Both the Artists’ House and the music residencies are private initiatives that do not require public funding.

Iuliana Münch & André Parfenov

Iuliana Münch has already gained renowned partners and sponsors for the Busteni Artists’ House. From the very beginning, these have included the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Romania and the Goethe Institute in Bucharest. The music academies in Cologne and Leipzig were already partners of the residencies, and both have renewed their partnership for this year. Two of the most important German music institutions – the Liszt School of Music in Weimar and the Robert Schumann School of Music in Düsseldorf – have already expressed their interest in participating.

Iuliana Münch is looking for further cooperation with music academies from Europe and other organizations in order to organize even more master classes and seminars in this house of artists. or