Classeek announces expanding media catalog

Classeek announces expanding media catalog

Classeek, the support platform for young classical musicians, is constantly expanding. Its media catalog, which already includes podcasts, concerts and videos, is now available on new platforms, and constantly offers new content.

The podcasts

Notably there is a series of exciting podcasts is in line with the mission of supporting young artists that is Classeek’s DNA. The aim is to give these young talents access to professional advice through innovative and attractive digital means, to help them develop their careers.

Classeek 15′ podcasts, already available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast and on the Classeek website, feature lively discussions between artists and music industry professionals. The podcasts take a no-holds-barred, constructive approach to a wide range of subjects, including artist management, the difficult reality of competition, well-being, environmental impact and access to music for the greatest number.

Here is the list of episode titles from oldest to newest:

  • Gautier Capuçon – Life on tour
  • Gautier Capuçon – Launching Fondation Gautier Capuçon
  • Gautier Capuçon – The competition world today
  • Sonia Simmenauer – Discovering artist management
  • Eric Tanguy – Becoming a successful classical composer today
  • David Kadouch – Navigating the modern classical world
  • Jalayne Mitchell – Practing wellbeing
  • Naomi Belshaw – Presenting the authentic ‘you’
  • Yaron Herman – Cultivating creativity
  • Dr Indre Viskontas – Music and the brain; An introduction
  • Charlie Siem: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • Sonia Simmenauer: Guiding Young Artists to Success
  • Meurig Bowen: Breaking Norms in Classical Music
  • Florian Riem: A Guide to Choosing Classical Music Competitions
  • Oli Rose: Empowering Young Musicians through Music Foundations
  • Lea Brückner: The New Generation of Traveling Artists
  • Jean-Paul Gasparian: Competitions and the Journey of a Performer
  • Shirley J Thompson: Determination and Diversity in Classical Music
  • Nadine Benjamin: Changing Careers in Classical Music
  • Esther Yoo: Performance Anxiety and the Psychology of Music
  • Emmanuel Pahud: Balancing Soloist and Orchestra Roles in Classical Music
  • Gabor Takacs Nagy: Bringing Musicians Together
  • Remy Franck: Navigating the Changing Classical Music Landscape
  • Numa Bischof Ullmann: Striving for Excellence in the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra
  • Stephen McHolm: Nurturing the Next Generation of Classical Musicians at the Verbier Festival Academy
  • Podcast hosts – Jack Pepper, Michael Beek, and Charlotte Gardner

Concerts online

Recordings of all the concerts in the ambassador program are already available on the website and on YouTube. They represent a unique catalog of performances by young artists who absolutely must be discovered. Classeek enables them to promote themselves in the best possible way, to music lovers and professionals the world over.

In addition, two concerts will be broadcast and available by spring 2024, on the American media The Violin Channel and one concert will be broadcast on the leading classical music platform, Idagio, with which Classeek has set up a partnership.

Idagio offers a series of videos of artists from the previous season’s ambassador program, accessible free of charge on their website.