ICMA Jury member Radio 100,7 launches all-classical Internet radio

ICMA Jury member Radio 100,7 launches all-classical Internet radio

Since e few days the new Internet radio station for classical music, Opus 100,7, is online and can be listened to via the website www.opus.radio. Opus 100,7 is an initiative of the public broadcaster that already operates Radio 100,7.

Opus 100,7 plays exclusively classical music. A lot of space is given to the Luxembourg music scene. Over 20% of the broadcasting time is devoted to productions from Luxembourg. In addition, Opus 100,7 takes over the news, traffic reports and weather forecasts of its sister station.

The new classical music station will also parallel broadcast all Radio 100,7 programs in which classical music plays a role. This includes the classical music magazine Resonanzen (Mondays-Fridays at 2:00 p.m.), along with its album reviews and interviews about current projects, thematic broadcasts, as well as the concert recordings and live broadcasts from Luxembourg and Europe.

The station can also draw on Radio 100,7’s exclusive concert recordings. The public broadcaster usually records over 80 concerts a year in the Grand Duchy, some of which are also broadcast internationally via the Euroradio network of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Classical music has played an important role in Radio 100,7’s programming since it began broadcasting in 1993. With the station’s changing mission to appeal to the widest possible audience, classical music was gradually given less space in the program. With a growing and active classical music scene in Luxembourg, on the one hand, and the new technical possibilities on the other, the desire arose to offer it a larger stage with its own radio program.

In a second phase, it is planned to broadcast Opus 100,7 via digital radio (DAB+), as well as to expand the moderation in the music programs.

In the first phase, Opus 100,7 can only be received online via the website www.opus.radio, via the Radioplayer app and via Internet radios available in stores. This makes the station a classical music station for the whole world, even though it is based in Luxembourg and gives Luxembourg’s musical life a large place.