Label ‘audite’ Allows High Resolution Downloads

Label ‘audite’ Allows High Resolution Downloads

German label ‘audite’, ICMA Label of the Year 2013, is now offering High Resolution Downloads on its website. The necessary extensive technical modification of the website is finished and a first selection of productions is available online. All new releases are being offered as High Resolution Downloads right from the release date. The download offer for the back catalogue will steadily increase until the whole ‘audite’ catalogue is available.

‘audite’ offers different download formats in different levels of quality which can be freely chosen. Particular interest has been paid to high quality Surround Downloads.

Also available is a new format ‘Optimized for Mobile Use’ optimized for listening on the go. Soft passages are adapted in order to be audible in spite of background noise from the environment.

The download price is being charged per second and not per track as with many other download platforms. The pricing structure automatically includes a rebate: The more time quantity of one work/album is being purchased the more reasonable the price will be. Downloading a whole work or album is always more reasonable than downloading its entire single tracks.

A free download track will be available on the start page changing on a monthly basis. Currently it is E. Grieg/Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 « In the Hall of the Mountain King ».