Violinist Yury Revich increasingly successful as a composer

Violinist Yury Revich increasingly successful as a composer

Violinist Yury Revich increasingly successful as a composer

Yury Revich

Austrian violinist Yury Revich, who won the Young Artist Award of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) in 2015, is now increasingly presenting himself to audiences as a composer as well. After his very first work, the violin concerto Awakening successfully debuted in Salzburg last year, his first symphony, Kaleidoskope, was recently premiered in London at St. Georges’ Cathedral. At the Laxenburg Kultursommer – Liszt Festival in June, his commissioned work The Chamber Poem For Franz Liszt was honored.

Revich emphasizes that he enjoys playing the masterpieces of the repertoire, « but I feel that as an artist and musician, I also want to express myself through my own musical language. »

Today, July 8, the Prelude Choriner Wald will have its world premiere with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra at the Choriner Kultursommer, and on July 17 and 18 with the Munich Symphony Orchestra at the Summer Proms in Munich, the violin concerto Awakening will be presented for the first time in Germany.

These and other compositions will be performed in Vienna in September, and at Festival Nights at the Heidi Horten Collection in early October 2023. A new composition will be heard at the Vienna Musikverein on December 10.

Revich has also been commissioned as a composer for the 2021 World Expo in Dubai and by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Recently, three tracks from his album of music by Chevalier de Saint-Georges were included in the Bridgerton soundtrack.

In May, he was also invited to the Cannes Film Festival (along with Leonardo Di Caprio, Chiara Chaplin, etc.) with original compositions. He also composes the music for three new films, including one by Israeli director Oren Moverman.